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TAB Get Together Saturday, March 21 10:30-1

Stop by to help stuff Easter Eggs, move books to our new teen area ( the shelves are ready!) and more.

Writing Website

Hey Guys! The writing website is finally up. Come visit Inner Ramblings
 and please send your writing to (please no attachments).

Creepy Twists Productions Presents…

High Hope’s Insane Asylum!

As those of you in Granby who have ever strolled down Deer Brook Dr on October 31st may know, there have been many hauntings on the Street thanks to Zach Gosciminski. Every year, for the past 8 years Zach has been setting up his house for Halloween and letting people from all over to walk around and view the different attractions. Zach builds all the different decorations and fixtures on his own (other than the few items donated to him each year), and usually starts his building December the year before.

This year’s theme is the High Hopes Insane Asylum. In this mental hospital your greatest fears come to life! The front of the yard (9 Deer Brook Dr. Granby MA 01033) will be free to view, like each year before, but this year there is a new addition to the event. High Hopes Insane Asylum is featuring a walkthrough of SIX (6) different attractions in the back of the house. To enter the walkthrough you must first purchase a ticket or hand stamp, either at the door or online at

The walkthrough, as well as T–Shirts and other products on the website are going towards bigger and better attractions each year for Creepy Twists Productions. There is also a section on the website for donating to Creepy Twists Productions as well as a Help Wanted section for those of you willing to volunteer (contract and compensation issues will be discussed at interview).

Along with all of this you can also find Pictures of past years and future developments on the site, and video previews of High Hopes Insane Asylum. Right on the homepage you can find High Hopes History, detailing how the Asylum came to be…

For more information on the High Hopes Insane Asylum, Creepy Twists Productions, or Zach Gosciminski himself, check the website (, or email at

-Steven Grabowski

TAB Meeting Friday, March 13th 2:30pm.

TAB Meeting – Friday, March 13th @ 2:30

 Please bring projects due for that day.                

We need plastic Easter eggs!

After the 1 hour meeting – you may put together Easter Baskets, candy bags…

*Can’t make it, give project, candy…to someone to bring or drop off.


TAB has invited the Easter Bunny to Hide Some Eggs at the Granby Library!

TAB has invited the Easter Bunny to Hide Some Eggs at the Granby Library!

TAB has invited the Easter Bunny to Hide Some Eggs at the Granby Library!

TAB invites you to join the Easter Bunny and his friend Chickita the Chick on Saturday April 4th. The festivities begin at 10:30, which include the egg hunt (no charge), a bake sale, a basket raffle, and an Easter hat contest! Bring a basket to collect eggs, wear your fanciest hat and bring a camera to take pictures with the Easter Bunny and his friend. Children ages 3-9 must pre-register at the Granby Library by March 28th 


Call the library during open hours at 413-467-3320.

Library hours are T, W, F 10:30-7p.m. Sat. 10:30-1pm.


This event is brought to you by the Granby Library’s Teen Advisory Board!




Book review of “The Black Box” a great read!

Black Box- By Julie Schumacher
In air-planes, there are black boxes that investigators check after a plane crashes, to see what went wrong. Lena wants to find her sister Dora’s box before Dora’s depression gets any stronger. Although  Lena is younger than Dora, she has always been protective of her. So when Dora comes back from the hospital after overdosing on her medication,Lena realizes the influence Dora’s depression has on her. Although Dora is considered to be well enough to go home, she skips school and doesn’t take her medication. Lena is afraid to tell her parents about it,she doesn’t want her sister to be back in the hospital. The only person she feels she can talk to is her neighbor Jimmy Zenk, who is known for staying back a year and wearing black. Black Box by Julie Schumacher is a serious and yet at the same time entertaining story of loyalty, family and depression. Although there is a very serious tone when Schumacher unveils the the whole spectrum of depression, it still shows laughter, love and compassion of family and friends. I’d give this 5 out of 5 stars because of the complexity of the story and the characters themselves. It’s a story definitely worth reading.- Amanda M.

New Teen Books for February 2009

Teen Fiction

Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony – Eoin Colfer

Attack of the Fiend – Joseph Delaney

Deep Down Popular – Phoebe Stone

Fade – Lisa McMann

The Garden of Rama – Arthur C. Clarke

I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader – Kieran Scott

The Lost Fleet: Courageous – Jack Campbell

The Lost Fleet: Fearless – Jack Campbell




Teen Non-Fiction

Algebra I

The Case For Ghosts – J Allan Danelek

The Complete Book of Ghosts – Paul Roland

Drawing In Perspective – Oliver Striegel

Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians – Reader’s Digest

Suburban’s Legends – Sam Stall

Yotsuba Vol. 3 –



Young Adult Audio Book

Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer

New Moon – Stephenie Meyer

Space Boy – Orson Scott Card